Here are profiles of our Brand Ambassadors. Each Brand Ambassador is passionate about raising the profile of International Volunteers programs and projects. They strive to share information about International Volunteers and help grow our global identity. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about International Volunteers.

If you would like to enquire about becoming an Ambassador, please feel free to contact us.

BRAND Ambassador


Fatma Al Nabhani is an international tennis player and member of Oman Fed Cup with exceptional achievements in sports.

Fatma has carried herself through multiple challenges, gaining wide support from local and international audience. Her enthusiasm to give back to society has been reflected in the CSR programs she has supported and been part of.

“Do Not Say Impossible, Nothing Is Impossible.”

Karina Palma is one of the top dancers and choreographers in Dubai, UAE. She has been teaching dance and traveling the world for the past 10 years. She is one of the founders of the Moto Dancers – First Afro Dance crew in the Middle East. Along with Majid El Hajj and Thibaut Kacou. Moto Dancers are well known in the UAE and the region by teaching, performing, choreographing music videos and big shows such as National Day, Special Olympics, African Football Cup and EXPO 2020.

The main goal for the team is to help and make a change trough art of dance.

Moto dancers are currently working of few charity projects across Africa.

Amelia is from UK and has been living in Oman for the last 3 years. She is a Yoga Teacher and has a background in Biology, Environment and Education. She’s lived and worked in South America, Ecuador where she was first involved in volunteering projects to do with wildlife conservation and environmental education. She was a high school English teacher in South Korea and finally settled in Oman 3 years ago after 2 years teaching high school science and Yoga in Bahrain. She loves to travel, explore and experience life in different places in Oman from the coast, desert, and mountains and shares her experiences and findings with people both inside and out of Oman.

“I’m truly honoured and excited to be part of this amazing project in Zanzibar, Tanzania and hope I can play a part in making this project a huge success.”

Leading by example is Basma. She is a graduate from International Maritime college of Oman. She is the first Omani lady working overseas as a Deck Officer on merchant ships. She has sailed on more than 16  ships from East to West and from North to South. She has visited more than 50 ports in 28 countries so far. Currently she is sailing on very large crude carriers crossing oceans.

Basma is also an adventurer and traveler who loves exploring the world from all aspects.

Latifah Al Hazza is an Emmy award-winning travel journalist as well as the Cofounder of Femscape Sojourns, a boutique women’s travel company. Her work can be read in CNN Travel, The New York Times, Frommer’s Travel Guides, and World Travel Magazine, to name a few. She has recently been named as one of Travel Massive’s 100 Inspiring Women Travel Founders. Latifah specializes in mother and daughter travel, female travel and luxury travel. Previously, Latifah was the editorial assistant at CNN Travel and Frommer’s Travel Guides’ social media manager. Growing up living a bicultural lifestyle, between Kuwait and the United States, has always fueled Latifah’s passion for exploration and cultural immersion.

“Connecting with women from around the world has been incredible. We’ve met women who are struggling in different ways, or women who have overcome obstacles in life. They’re all just such strong women and it gives me so much confidence and positivity, it’s been really great.”

Mia is a passionate teacher and International Baccalaureate CAS coordinator in the Middle East. At work Mia prioritises shaping the minds of young learners and exposing them to global issues, seeking solutions through a global mindset.
Mia enjoys sharing her experience of Oman and the Middle East on her online platforms as a continuation of highlighting the beauty and richness of all cultures.
She advocates the importance of giving back, leading and encouraging groups of young learners to do the same with the assistance of local charities and foundations.
Mia’s creativity is shown in her passion for the arts, fashion and online content; creating and catering for the youth. She promotes physical wellbeing and exercise, alongside traveling to balance the pressures of daily life. Teaching in Oman has made Mia aware of the compassion young adults display when addressing global issues, and wishes to bring that to fruition when working with “International Volunteers”.

Better known as Saeed Enkan is an adventurer nature lover who served 10 years in the tourism industry, 4 years in the aviation industry and full time living in his customized van for the passed 3 years. His well know in Oman as a full-time traveler, founder of Wild East Oman tourism company, a TEDx 2021 speaker and a YouTuber who makes videos for a living.

His views have reached over 1 million views.

At 19 years old Sultan Al Balushi was the youngest Omani to qualify as an internationally certified sailing instructor. He is a well-known figure in the field of water sports and adventures. He is also Oman’s national windsurfing coach and an environmental fighter who raises awareness in environmental challenges. He has more than 43 K loyal followers in Instagram.

Mohammed is one of the top experts in adventure touring Oman. He currently holds ICO Pro Canyoner Level 3. In his free time, you’ll find him lending a hand in route communities in Oman. Being an expert in Wadis, he also helps out Wadi Adventure as well as doing private and groups trips.

Jake is a freelance photographer and zoology undergraduate based in Liverpool, UK. He is passionate about education and the opportunities it opens up for young people. In 2017, he spent five months rebuilding earthquake damaged schools in Nepal. Therefore, the work that International Volunteers undertakes really resonates with him and it is something he is proud to be a part of.