ü All programs include a Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $300 in addition to the Program Fee of $610.

ü This covers all your Accommodation with Wi-Fi, 3 meals (some lunches you will be able to buy for yourself in local restaurants), volunteering permit, construction materials/equipment, transport from and to airport, Pre-departure support from your Program Manager, in-country program orientation, 24/7 support, Certificate of International Volunteering, daily transport to your project, 3 tours included – Stone Town Tour, Spice Tour and Prison Island.

ü 5% international banking fee is included in the total costs.


û  Flight Tickets: The sooner you buy your flight tickets the cheaper the ticket is. We will be there waiting for you.

û  Travel Insurance: This is mandatory and it is your responsibility. Travel insurance is a security for your health just in case you get injured or a serious emergency. Hospitals are costly in Zanzibar.

û  Vaccinations: These vaccinations are a MUST for all our volunteers to join our programs – Fully vaccinated with COVID 19 with your certificate and Yellow Fever Vaccine.

û  eVisa: We advise all our volunteers to apply for a tourist eVisa which takes about 10 business days to process. International Volunteers will process your volunteering permit.

û  Pocket Money: Volunteers in Zanzibar generally find US$75-150 per week to be sufficient for expenses.


ü Your volunteering program either Teaching and Community Development or Construction and Renovation Project is covered in the price.

ü A Volunteers Booklet Guide that contains information about flights, travel insurance, eVisa and what to pack; this will help you throughout your project placement. This Volunteers Booklet Guide has more details regarding extra activities and tours. You will be added in a WhatsApp group for your chosen departure dates. In the group you can plan with other volunteers regrading flight tickets and get to know each other. Your project coordinator and programs manager will be in the group too so you can ask as many questions as you wish to make sure everything is in place before your departure. There will be a team of International Volunteers staff (project coordinator and drivers) waiting for your arrival in Zanzibar. At the Volunteer Home Base; you will be introduced to our chefs, cleaning ladies and other staff members who will be with you throughout your project placement.

ü All our meals are halal. We will provide you with all breakfast and dinners which our chefs cook for you. Saturdays/Sundays are open days where you and your fellow volunteers can go out to eat or cook together at the Volunteer Home Base. If there’s a trip set for you and your fellow volunteers then your meals are covered. If you choose to explore Stone Town on a Saturday/Sunday then it’s an opportunity for you to have lunch/dinner at one of Stone Towns many exotic restaurants (local and international restaurants).

ü You will be based in Stone Town – during weekdays our drivers will drop you to your volunteering placement. No need to worry about transport, we’ve got you covered. Any trips arranged by International Volunteers; our drivers are with you.

The following activities are cover by International Volunteers in order for you to experience Zanzibar:

o   Stone Town Tour: Stone Town is the cultural heart of the island and the old city area of Zanzibar City, located on the western shore. The city got its name from the many big multi-storey buildings made of stone which form the landscape of the old town part. These buildings are actually not made of stone, but with mortar and corals. Although the corals were a good and easily available building material, they are also easily damageable. Some of the houses are in a bad shape and the Stone Town Conservation Authority co-ordinates the restorations of this houses to maintain the towns original glory.

o   Spice Tour: Zanzibar is famed around the world for the quality of its spices. Explore the industry that put the island on the map and learn more about the island’s rich history. On this three-hour guided tour, you will explore the various spices of Zanzibar which are used in almost every kitchen on earth, such as cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, garlic, lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, and more. You’ll not only learn how these spices go from the plantations to our tables but also about the more unorthodox uses for these spices as home remedies.

o   Prison Island: You’ll start this memorable day with a good-half-an-hour boat trip to Prison Island, also known as Changuu island or Quarantine Island, located in the Zanzibar Archipelago. You can explore this beautiful island, which is an ideal place for a walk, on a relaxing half-day excursion from Stone Town. The view of Stone Town from the island is breath-taking especially at night. We will give you a short-guided tour around the island. After the guided tour you can swim in the crystal water or explore the glorious coral reefs by snorkelling.

o   BBQ Nights: Most Fridays, together with our chefs – our volunteers are invited to join a BBQ night. This kick starts a memorable weekend ahead.

o   Swahili Lessons: Volunteers who wish to learn some Swahili are always invited to sign up and learn basic Swahili.

o   Visiting an Orphanage: Volunteers who wish to spend some time with an orphanage are always welcomed to sign up in our notice boards which are available at the dining room notice board.


o   Mnemba Island Snorkelling: Heading offshore from Nungwi or Matemwe beach a half an hour boat ride brings you to one of the most beautiful places for snorkeling in the whole of Africa, Mnemba island. Its coral reef promises amazing sea life encounters – from corals of all kinds to millions of colorful fish. Amazingly blue crystal-clear waters are very often visited by flocks of dolphins, eager to share a swim with you. Definitely one of the best experiences for water-life admirers.

o   Jozani Forest: This trip is excellent for nature lovers who want to experience the thrilling fascination of walking through large pandanus and palm trees. The Jozani forest, a natural reserve, lies 35 km South East from Zanzibar City between Chawaka Bay and Uzi Bay. The only remaining natural forest of Unguja covers an area of 10 square km. The forest, with trees older than 100 years, is the sanctuary for some very interesting animals, including the Red Colobus monkey, the small Zanzibar leopard, blue monkey, chameleon, mongoose, bush baby, tree hyrax, bush pig, civet, and two small antelope species found only on Zanzibar, Zanzibar duiker and suni.

o   Nungwi (North): Enjoy life in Nungwi for sea activities during the weekend. Nungwi has amazing beaches with turquoise water, great restaurants and full moon party at Kendwa Rocks which you will have the opportunity to go to. Normally it takes 1 hour from our Home Base to Nungwi. We will organise your accommodation and transport.

o   Makunduchi (South) Village Tour: You get an opportunity to visit Makunduchi which is about 1 hour from our Home Base. This tour is fun since volunteers get the tour while they cycle through the village and learn about the life and culture in Makunduchi.

o   Safari Blue – by boat: Zanzibar is best known for its beautiful beaches and warm sea. Explore the coastal line of Zanzibar by a traditional sailing dhow boat. Starting in south-west Zanzibar in the renowned Fumba village it will take you along the shores to the best diving spots, where you will put on your snorkeling gear and explore the life, you’ll immerse in. Stop at a sandbank relax and swim in a mangrove lagoon. Board the dhow and continue with a delicious seafood lunch buffet. Finish strong, with a unique fruit tasting.

o    The Rock Restaurant: Sitting in the waters of the Indian Ocean, just a shot from the shore there is this rock. Technically, it’s an island, but truly it’s just a rock. On top of it the Rock, a charming, exclusive restaurant that instantly became one of the icons of Zanzibar. Decorated in a simple, local island style, the restaurant specializes in seafood and local tastes, easily meeting high international standards. It’s a great place to visit after the dolphin tour, have a meal at Upendo restaurant and visit The Rock Restaurant.

o   Dolphin Tour: Zanzibar is best known for its beautiful beaches and warm sea. Our drivers will take you to Kizimkazi and you’ll board a local speed boat. This trip starts early since dolphins prefer swimming early in the surfaces of the warm. You’ll be given snorkeling equipment. Most of time, 95% our guides find the dolphins where you’ll be able to with them.

o   Mikumi Safari from Dar es Salaam: Our 3-day budget Mikumi safari is best for volunteers who are limited in time but would want to go on a short and affordable safari that is close to the Dar es salaam. This Mikumi Safari is favourite choice for volunteers coming from Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar.

v Mikumi National Park is one of Tanzania’s most popular parks due to its proximity to Dar es Salaam. Spend your safari days exploring the corners of Mikumi national park coming across many different kinds of wildlife in this beautiful park.

v Your professional safari guide will make sure you explore all corners of Mikumi national park and get the most from this budget safari – besides the Mkata river flood plain along with the mountain ranges, famous for lots of wildlife, the Miombo Woodland is favourite hunt of the lions. Giraffes, elephants, zebras, goats, monkeys, buffalo, antelopes, hippos and many other wild animals may be seen.

v This trip starts on Thursday afternoon by taking the last ferry from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam. The ferry takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

v  Spend a night in Dar es Salam and early start on Friday morning drive on 4×4 Landcruiser which takes about 5 to 7 hours.

v Once you arrive at Mikumi National Park – your safari trip starts with a game drive on Friday afternoon and full day on Saturday.

v Three meals will be served at the lodge in Mikumi National Park.

v Sunday drive back to Dar es Salaam and board the ferry to Zanzibar.

v Prices for this package is $820.

v You can book this trip prior departure or once you’ve arrived in Zanzibar.