Building together for a stronger tomorrow
Our objective is to drive change through international volunteerism by connecting volunteers through our programs and projects.


International Volunteers offers volunteering programs to the youth who wish to be change makers to volunteer abroad, to places where they will fall silently into their thoughts, reflecting things they never imagined before. They will see things that may break their hearts or make them feel more appreciative of the things they didn’t notice before. They may begin to disregard what anyone else thinks or feels about them in this place because they will realize that life has many secrets that they have not unlocked yet.


Working on projects together with other nationalities our volunteers learn to respect different religions, cultures and practices, strengthen friendships, trust, self-confidence and problem-solving skills. At the end of their project/stay they return to home as true global citizens.


To travel is to invest in yourself. It is one of the only things you can purchase that truly makes you richer, and we do not mean in monetary value. International Volunteers has a dream – though it may be extreme. We hope that the youth of our society become enlightened, through volunteering abroad and new experiences. Enlightened and inspired enough to go back to home, throw the word “bored” out the window, and start to make a change in this world. We want to inspire people to seek out their passion and their talent and to chase that dream down, capture it, and make it a reality.


International Volunteers provides opportunities for the youth to experience the satisfaction, pride and accomplishment of making a difference to the lives of less privileged individuals and communities in Africa and Asia.


You can apply directly through our website. Remember to subscribe to our website and follow us on our Social Media Network. If you decide to join us, we promise your life will never be the same again!


International Volunteers values open-mindedness, friendship, co-operation, respect, integrity and a willingness to help others as well as improve the self.

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International Volunteers’ Journey

International Volunteers started as a project on the 1st June 2009 was initiated by Knowledge Oman’s Social Entrepreneurship Development Program on the 3rd July 2016 in collaboration with Companies Creating Change (C3) based in Dubai, UAE.


International Volunteers is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Registration Number Z0000123148. In the Sultanate of Oman, International Volunteers is registered as Social Enterprise Registration Number CR1279860.


The organization focuses on globalizing the youth through volunteer work, travel, stepping out of typical comfort zones and educating the youth on the global and local issues that need attention and support.

International Volunteers is an award winning and leading international volunteering abroad program provider by sending skilled volunteers from sectors such as health, education, childcare, community development, nutrition, construction, renovation, wildlife conservation, sustainability and businesses to volunteer in different parts of the world by inspiring learning, innovation and action to unlock the potential of vulnerable and impoverished communities.


International Volunteers has its own volunteering programs and projects for high school students, colleges and university students, graduates and job seekers as well as the general public.

Our volunteering programs are developed into an accredited internship program for several universities, and the organization is funded through sponsorship and through volunteers who pay their own way to assist during the projects.


International Volunteers has over 8000 volunteers globally who have assisted in more than 142 disadvantaged schools and has completed over 1,800 projects.