We know employees bring a lot of value to your organization and we have developed Employee Volunteer Programs which have stronger influence on Employee Engagement and Work Performance which fosters meaningful Work Environment at employees’ workplace. Showing your employees that your company cares by taking the initiative to enhance and share their work experience through volunteering abroad; gives employees the opportunity and motivation to be global citizens.

Our training and development corporate volunteering programs can be developed cohesively to suit your needs.


The phenomenon of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of many multinational corporates such as Microsoft, BMW, Dell, Salesforce, and PwC among several others are encouraging their workforce to actively participate in CSR projects which contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A meaningful and impactful way for professionals to make a difference is taking part in our Corporate Volunteering Programs. This is an effective way for employers to build staff skills. Our programs are for both freshers and experienced employees who can learn how to develop their leadership, organizational and teamwork skills through our programs.


Our corporate experiential programs use skills-based volunteering. We build catalytic and experiential programs that use skills-based volunteering while creating a sustainable impact. 

International Volunteers realizes the power of corporate volunteering and the positive impact it can have on the global community. We understand that employees do not have the liberty to spend 1 – 4 weeks volunteering abroad, hence, we provide tailor-made programs for corporates. If you are a business owner or representative who wants to be part of our corporate volunteering programs abroad, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]  or send us a WhatsApp message.



ü Higher employee engagement and stronger teamwork productivity.

ü Boost morale within your organization, creating a source of pride and inspiration.

ü The best ways to engage employees is through volunteering. Our corporate volunteering programs are developed to suit your specific needs or skill-based volunteering across borders to enhance employee’s soft skills.

ü Develop a cohesive corporate culture.

ü Demonstrate the ethical values of your organisation.

ü Raise awareness of global issues and the need for sustainable solutions at an international level.

ü Increased pride, commitment, and loyalty among employees for the organization.

ü Inspired and re-energized employees who are more likely to refer your organization to others.

ü A more favorable corporate reputation.

ü Improved corporate visibility within your community and industry.