Volunteering abroad is one of the most efficient instruments for non-formal education.

Through volunteering you acquire new knowledge, skills and competences. At the same time, being exposed to intercultural challenges and new personal experiences, you expand your horizons, learn more about yourself and grow as human beings.

You’ll do something very different.


You’ll bring inspiration, energy and vital practical skills to help secure better healthcare, more valuable education and broader opportunities for disadvantaged communities.



Volunteering is all about making a difference in communities; it also benefits you personally as it offers the chance to:

ü Huge boost for the volunteers’ future career development.

ü Increase your self-esteem, resilient and self-confidence.

ü Act on your values, passions and interests.

ü Make new friendships and create professional networks.

ü Gain work experience and learn new skills.

ü Improve or develop new interpersonal skills.

ü Challenge yourself in a supportive environment.

ü Broaden your horizon.

ü Enjoy new social and cultural experiences.

ü Enjoy better physical and mental health – volunteering makes us healthier and happier.

ü Experience more fun and greater life fulfilment! 



We at International Volunteers (IV) believe than in exposing youth to different cultures and civilizations around the world. Taking them out of their comfort zones, giving them the opportunity to learn about said cultures and civilizations through direct contact and living amongst the locals.

Leading them through certain aspects of travel unseen by tourists, and enabling them to actually feel the gift of giving in participating to build sustainable futures for the communities we visit, the youth would gain a wider perspective on the world outside of their lives.

Through this trip of exploration and change of mind, body, and soul, we aim to create content and mature youth.

Capable of leading meaningful lives and leading their communities to growth and progress for a better future.


Only as people become more willing to change themselves—the way they think, the way they act—will real change become possible.

It is precisely these types of changes that International Volunteers (IV) makes possible. The passion that you bring to your volunteer abroad experience will start a ripple effect, bringing change to people and the communities in which they live.

Meanwhile, you’ll find wisdom and beauty in a way of life different from your own.

You’ll discover the critical role that every individual play in achieving lasting change. You’ll see that volunteering abroad can be a safe and exciting adventure—the trip of a lifetime where you can learn about another culture while learning about yourself.

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The most important use for the volunteer fees is on the project itself. Program fees help fund the project activities and pay for much-needed resources, from school supplies to construction materials.


That said, it’s not uncommon for International Volunteers to have a “wish list” of additional donation items that may be difficult to source locally, anything from second hand electronics, to English books for children. Depending on the scope of the project, International Volunteers may also need to source additional funding through grants or fundraising. However, every dollar, peso or rand, counts; with every new volunteer comes the funding to continue the project into the future.